More Knots!

You know what?  The kids were still sick today.  Oh God, after posting late last night we had to deal with disgusting things coming out of multiple orifices, baths for the most unwilling bathers, and trying to settle tiny stomachs and weary parents.  A nightmare in every sense except that it’s our job and we’re happy to do it.

The Eldridge Knot

The Eldridge Knot as displayed on your favorite blogger.

In the meantime, my obsession fascination interest in different tie knots manifest itself this morning in this beauty.  It’s called the Eldridge knot.  You may ask yourself if any of these are ever actually worn by men in the real world.  Well, 1) yes, though most men today lack the time and precision to tie them, most of them are in no way old.  Men no longer wear hats (other than ball caps) these days but they do still appear and when they do, the gentleman found underneath the brim generally gets a compliment along the lines of “Hey, nice hat!”.  More often than not, that greeting is sincere.  And 2) this particular knot was recently spotted in the tie of a well known celebrity at the Golden Globe Awards.  And no, it was not Celine Dion.  Anyway, this one wasn’t too particularly hard to tie.  Again, props to Alex at Agree or Die for his priceless tutorials.  As more men discover these knots and realize how easy it is to break from the monotony of the trusted four-in-hand I predict they’re going to take off.


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