Prayer Request (Now It’s My Turn)


Back to the kneelers!

OK, my happy prayer warriors, now it’s my turn.  Would you all pray for several special intentions of mine?  In the past week we have witnessed the enormous good that can come from the marriage of prayer and technology.  We have seen a man who should be dead surviving and even thriving.  We have seen six children survive an horrific car accident.  I have personally seen my baby girl make it through a nasty stomach bug.  Now it’s on to other matters.

I ask your prayers for several intentions that are dear to my heart right now.  I have decided not to share them specifically; only to ask your prayers and update you on these matters later.  I love all of you for praying for and with me and I know that God is good even if the answers to our prayers are not always what we would like them to be.

Deo gratias!  Sit semper Deo gratias!


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