Prayers Again… Poor Baby III

Ok friends and prayer warriors, on your knees again. This time it’s for my baby girl. This virus she’s got is doing its worst. She’s back to vomiting and she can’t seem to keep anything down. She will not take the anti-nausea medicine she was given yesterday at the ER. We just need her to get some fluid into her little body and hold it down so she can get better.
Thanks again for all the prayers. If you doubt the power of these prayers keep in mind that our friend John Paul is recovering today when he should have been gone less than a week ago.


2 responses to “Prayers Again… Poor Baby III

  1. Any more illnesses for my Godbaby and I get to take her. It’s part of the Godparent’s role. I’m just sayin… Also, Reagan had something similar over the summer. It lasted for over a week. She just kept eating those mighty mini ice pops and throwing up, but at least she was getting something in her. Maybe that would help? Now I have to go deal with not sleeping b/c there’s a mouse in my kitchen.

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