Poor Baby…

Tonight I was going to watch some TV, enjoy some time with the kids and my wife, then put the kids to bed, and get working on some of my coursework.

Instead, my daughter got sick and started throwing up.

That changes things then, doesn’t it…  The poor thing.  After a week of waking up at an obscene hour, I was finally off from work early on a Friday and decided to catch up on some sleep.  My baby girl was asleep on the other side of the couch.  I kind of wish someone had taken a picture.  It was cute.  Anyway, at some point my wife decided to leave with our son and go shopping and to pick up dinner.  I know that she woke me up to tell me but I really don’t remember it.  I’m a bit of a heavy sleeper at times.  OK, you could set off a nuclear bomb and I wouldn’t wake up.  Actually, I’d wake up and probably have a full-on conversation with you but I wouldn’t remember any of it.  It’s pretty dangerous, really.  The next thing I remember is my angel-baby sugar plum standing in front of me.  The sun had gone down.  The movie that had been on the screen was now on a menu.  And I felt no more rested than when I had first lain down.  Sweetness was crying.  She was crying “Mommy!”  I thought this odd since Mommy wasn’t responding and my little one was standing in front of Daddy.  Well, in hindsight we know what was going on.  It took me a good five minutes to wake up to the point where I was conscious of what was really happening.  She kept asking for something to drink, crying about it really.  As I sat up, I looked over to where she had been.  “Sweetie,” I said, “what happened over there?”  I was referencing what looked like the Goldfish crackers her brother had been eating from a bowl.  Except, now they appeared to have been crushed individually by hand and had Crystal Pepsi poured all over them.  What a bizarre cultural reference.  It was then that I realized that a) those were not Goldfish, b) she had thrown up, c) she had been trying to get my attention for some time, and d) it was going to be a loooong night.

Fortunately, my wife came home just in time to help me clean our daughter up and provide me with food.  And so it began.  Baby girl would take sips of ginger ale and then throw up ten minutes later.  This went on until we finally moved her into our bed and decided to call it  a night ourselves.  My Dad-dar is on, though, and I feel confident I’ll wake up if she gets sick again.  I mean, given the proximity, she might just end up chucking right in my face.

Pleasant dreams!

PS: Please say a prayer she starts to feel better.


One response to “Poor Baby…

  1. Germs all over! Hope Rita feels better today and that
    nobody else gets sick.

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