The Best Laid Plans

It’s so ironic that late last night I wrote about being so tired that I missed my post for the day once. Then I went ahead and missed my post!

Actually, it’s stranger than that. Last night I wrote two posts – one for that day and then one that would post just after midnight. I don’t know f I was anticipating not being able to post tonight or not. The reality is that I fell asleep.

I had such good plans laid out, too. We were going to take the kids out for a bite, get some dessert at this place they’ve been wanting to visit, then come home, get them ready and into bed, and finally just relax in front of the TV. Instead, my wife wound up working longer than she thought she would, the weather here has been gross, the kids and I had a great time playing games, and then I fell asleep on the couch the second my wife emerged from her office. I should clearly avoid making plans. Now it’s just after midnight. My wife woke me so I wouldn’t have a sore back. And, you guessed it, I’m wide awake.


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