Drafts: How Long?

Apparently, there's a support group!Courtesy: John F. Phillips, WIkimedia Commons

Apparently, there’s a support group!
Courtesy: John F. Phillips, WIkimedia Commons

I’m still adjusting to the return to work.  It’s getting a bit harder now that I’m getting older to make it through a long day, then lie down to read a story to my kids, and NOT fall asleep in their bed with them.  The thing is it’s so comfortable!  You just don’t understand.  Warm, soft, how can I stay awake; especially when I’ve been getting up between 5 and 5:30 every morning in order to make it to mass and keep my resolution?

All of this, and I’m trying to keep up with posting meaningful stories (for the most part) every night.  Just a few nights ago a story idea popped into my head.  It’s brilliant if I do say so.  I knew the story would require a good amount of time.  It’s not the kind of thing one simply writes in a hurry and posts.  In fact, I had the idea of serializing it but I rejected that.  I think I can do it in one clean post.  But I still need the time to get it right.  I also knew that if I didn’t at least start it with a title and save it as a draft I’d probably forget it altogether and the beauty of this post would die forever.  How sad.

So I started my draft.  And now it’s taunting me every time I log on to WordPress.  Well, not quite every time…  Sometime in the past 48 hours WP changed their sign in process again.  Once I figured out how to get to my standard page showing all of my dashboard in one place, THEN the draft is taunting me.  It just sits there looking like an actual post until I see the red letters saying “draft”, as if to mock me and say “Loser, finish this thing or don’t.  I can sit on your page forever!”

So my question is, how long would any of you leave a draft in place before either finishing it or deleting it?  Thoughts?


3 responses to “Drafts: How Long?

  1. Whenever I get a post idea I don’t want to forget, I open up a new post, give it a title, and save it. I leave it there until I have the time to work on it. What is the big deal? You tel those little red letters that they’re not the boss of you.

  2. Yes they are the boss of you! Don’t you forget it! They own you. They will hunt you down the red-headed step child you are!

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