It’s Over

I don’t know, kids…

On the curb and ready for the trashmen...

On the curb and ready for the trashmen…

I just don’t know why this time of year always makes me feel a bit of sadness.  Maybe it’s the finality that my favorite time of year is over.  Maybe it’s that we have to pack all of the boxes away after only taking everything out a month ago.  There was so much joy in the preparation for Christmas and yet the breakdown is always so anticlimactic.  I came home from work today and took our tree down.  Then I packed up the Nativity scene from the front lawn.  And we’ve still got tons to do.  We’ve got a lot to put away until next Christmas.  You’ve already stopped playing with a lot of your new toys and even some of them are being put away — only on the shelves with your other toys, not in boxes in the garage; but still, it’s over.  Soon the days will be getting longer, the weather getting warmer, and there will be no remnant of Christmas.

For me as a teacher, it’s almost like the start of a new school year.  Going back after Christmas to a new semester can be energizing but also challenging.  When I start a year in August, Christmas break never seems that far away.  In January, however, June seems a million years in the future and spring break can’t come soon enough.

Oh well, the trees and toys and decorations may be gone; but I know that I’ve always got you two and that makes life worth living!  Hey, it’s still liturgically Christmas for another week so Merry Christmas kittens!  Who knows what the new year holds and what next Christmas will be like?  God knows and that’s a great relief.


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    In my ongoing effort to post more “Classic Harvey”, here’s a rather introspective (if not downright sad) post from three years ago.

    Kind of feel that way again.

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