Inching Closer

20121230-235843.jpgI have so enjoyed spending these last few days with you, children. It’s hard to believe that Daddy’s Christmas vacation is almost half over! In any event, we’re getting closer to the New Year and some decisions that I have to make regarding the future of this blog. I’ve been praying about it and still there’s no clear sense to me. Today, we spent hours while Mommy was at the movies (catching up while we’re all on some downtime) playing with some more of your new toys! In particular we enjoyed the karaoke machine that Aunt Sue sent you. I don’t know if I was more amused at the songs included on the CD that came with it or at your renditions of them. Circus by Brittany Spears perhaps is not the greatest song to include on a disc called Kidz Bop. Why they spilled it was a “Z” is also a mystery to me.

And then in the midst of all that, my iPhone decided to go crazy on me. I don’t want to get all technical but there’s this thing called the yellow bar of death when you sync the phone to iTunes. Anyway, after spending about an hour on my laptop trying to figure it out I realized it wasn’t worth the missed time with you guys. I’ll get to the phone later tonight when you’re fast asleep unless I’m also fast asleep.


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