The Dark Week

This week between Christmas and New Year’s is kind of a dark week. But don’t worry, it’s only dark in the sense that it actually is a dark. The sun sets early and as if that isn’t enough the weather has a delightful way of becoming overcast more often than not. In the production a week wherein the show is running is called a dark week. Whatever, it’s late and I’m having a hard time making connections that make sense. Today I slept in mildly. The kids and I played with some of their new Christmas toys! I went to the chiropractor. You have no idea how my back was in need of a an adjustment. And then my wife and I went to see a movie…

Let’s talk about this one for a minute. By the way, now that we’re closing in on another year of spectacular daily journal-blogging, I want you to take note of my use of the word “you”. Most of the time I tend to use that word in reference to the two people to whom I am writing all of this — my kids. However, just above, I slipped up and used it in reference to the rest of “you” — the people who actually read this thing here and now. Sometimes I myself can’t tell how I’m using it. Even there, when I referenced my wife… If I were strictly writing to my kids I would have just said “Mommy”. Oh well, I’ll figure it out soon enough. So, the movie… We went to see Hyde Park on Hudson. I don’t go to the movies that often but when I do I like to see things like this — historical pictures with brilliant scenery. Well, one out of the two isn’t bad. I’ve actually been to Hyde Park, NY and visited the FDR home. The movie makes good use of the natural beauty of the Hudson River valley. Bill Murray is actually almost believable as Roosevelt. However, from the opening scene where a sex act is implied between the president and his fifth cousin (in as graphic detail as can be implied) I thought I was watching a comedy. Thank God there were only four people in the theater because I laughed so hard I almost choked on my popcorn. Ah the movies…

Anyway, we went home to discover that my son had thrown up. And thus began a four hour period of watchfulness to make sure his fever didn’t return. The danger passed and all was well.


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