How’s That Pronounced Again?

Today my baby sister, Bridget@Le.Rheims, welcomed her newest baby into the world!  We welcome her and are so excited she’s finally here!!!

For the record, the little baby, is what I call “a sturdy baby”.  By that I mean that she is the largest of the children born into my family that any of us are aware of.  Her name (not sure how much my sister shares about personal details) is derived from a Lord of the Rings book and could be viewed as unusual, unique, and possibly even difficult to pronounce. But I know she’s a cutie.  As mentioned she’s the kind who can probably already hold her head up all by herself.  I know because at one ounce less, my son was the previous record holder.  So welcome to the world and happy birth-day “little” one!  We love you!!!




One response to “How’s That Pronounced Again?

  1. I got to see her today and she photos do not do her justice! And yes, she did hold her head up, a little over 48 hours old. Though she may have already. She was really sweet and told me she missed her Aunt & Uncle in Texas.

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