I Don’t Love My Car Right Now

Snow this morning in Texas!  Just a dusting but who cares!

Snow this morning in Texas! Just a dusting but who cares!

I’ve been chronicling our car troubles of late.  They’re nothing too tremendous (other than that breakdown in a bizarre Czech-themed Texas ghost town last week).  I think I mentioned the battery being replaced in my Accord right before we drove said Accord to said Czech town to pick up the other vehicle.  Well it turns out that when one changes his own battery he might not be able to reconnect everything just right.

I drove off to work this morning.  I picked up a co-worker and friend (the same person actually) and everything was fine.  About two hours after the work day began I went to my car to drive off for a coffee when I realized the car would not start.  No, it would not even click or anything.  Another co-worker came out and gave me a jump and that’s when we realized that the battery cable was slipping right off the post.  It was not tight enough.  I borrowed some tools from the maintenance staff and “tightened” it again.  Here’s the thing…

Battery...  So sick of you.

Battery… So sick of you.

Apparently you can NEVER tighten it enough because in loosening it you break some kind of seal.  Long story, I know.  Anyway, everything seemed to be OK.  After work I dropped off my friend and headed up the highway the three miles to my house.  I made it about one and a half of those miles before losing all power and coasting over to the shoulder.  My wife came by with some tools.  Actually at the exact moment she pulled up behind me, a very kind man also pulled up and offered his assistance.  God will bless him for his thoughtfulness.  In the end, I put the cable back on the post and drove it to a shop where they put something called a metal shim or cap or something over it and assured me it was “good to go”.  $35 later I needed a drink.


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