That’s Out of the Way

Yesterday I finished and submitted my last projects for the online courses I’m taking for my MS in Administration.


By the way, one of the professors has already entered the grade.  I got an A.  I’m happy.

Other than that, not much going on today.  We did go shopping this evening because tomorrow is a big day.  It’s the feast of St. Nicholas!  That meant Daddy got to do some errands for the real St. Nick.  I walked diligently around the Walmart picking up little items (on his behalf, of course) that would gleefully fill the shoes of my kids and my wife.  My son went to bed tonight very excited about what he’d find in the morning.  My daughter actually fell asleep on my lap while listening to music on my laptop.  But the boy…  He got into bed and then remembered he needed to put a shoe out.  He got out of bed and walked over to the shoe rack hanging on the back of his door.  Then he spent about five minutes deciding which of his shoes was the biggest.  “This one, Daddy!” he said as he handed me a black dress shoe that he normally wears to mass on Sundays.  We put the shoe in the hallway and then climbed back into bed.  He drifted off pretty quickly but not before he questioned my sanity with his logic.  “Daddy, I think St. Nicholas might take my shoe.”  No he won’t, son.  “Daddy, how will St. Nicholas know he’s in our house and not someone else’s?  It gets dark at night.”  Yes, but he’s a pro.  “Daddy, do you think he came already?  I want to go see him.”  At this last one I panicked for a moment until I shot back: “Ben, St. Nicholas wishes not to be seen.  He will disappear if you see him.  Just because.  Ask no more questions.  Sleep.”  And with that, he did.


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