Feed the Dolphins!

And today we continued our birthday weekend.  My daughter and I, fresh off our new ages (35 and 3), along with the rest of our gang visited Seaworld!  Today was a lot more bearable than our last visit.  That took place in the end of July on the hottest day of the Texas summer.  The park was crowded.  The rides stopped working because of the melting steel.  The water park reached capacity ten minutes after the park opened.  It was a mess.  Today, though, was different.  Beautiful weather (even if not the right kind of weather for December 1st) greeted us as we stepped off the shuttle.  We went through the park and saw everything like before except that this time the shows were geared toward Christmas.  Although we joked about it, we never did see Shamu (any of the five of them) don a Santa hat.  Oh well…  We did see Clyde and Seymour, the seals, and that was well worth it.  We fed dolphins, saw Elmo, and even rode a few (kiddie) rides.  My son convinced me to get on a small coaster called Shamu Express.  I should have known this was a gyp from the sign at the entrance.  “If your not 36″ tall, you can’t ride.”  Seriously?  Not “you’re”?  Anyway, I closed my eyes and screamed as I was lifted a breathtaking five feet off the horizontal plane and hurled twice around a track at the breakneck speed of 10 MPH.  But the kids had fun and that’s all that counts.

When we finished, we headed over to Six Flags Fiesta Texas where we were treated to an interesting stage show of a live Nativity.  Yes, there was even a real camel in the theater.  I must say that it was tastefully done (even if the music was lacking).  And like that it was time to hit the hotel again for the night.  Even more fun awaits us tomorrow!


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