Harvey Takes a Breather

It’s been a busy week, kids.  I’m missing Friday’s post but it’s in the making; and rest assured that when it’s posted (and backdated) you’ll enjoy it.  But tonight I’m just worn out mostly from the past hour.  The kids…  My son has been an angel all day.  He’s just shown himself more and more in the past few weeks to be a very mature, very kind, very loving son to his mother and me and the best big brother in the world to his little sister.  His little sister, on the other hand, has been battling a cold and not quite herself lately.  She’s been crying a lot and throwing fits.  I know that makes you sad just reading it.  Imagine living with it!  Poor baby.  I just want her to feel better again and go back to being the sweet little girl I love so much.  In the meantime, I’ll continue driving her around North Texas to help her fall asleep while she yells at me from the back of the car how much she wants “MOMMY!” and then crashes into sleep.


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