Parent Conferences

Tonight was one of those nights I love and hate and am ambivalent about all at once.  Tonight was Parent Conference night at work.  You see, I am a teacher.  It’s in the contract.  Twice a year (once in the fall and once in the late winter) I get the joy of coming into work at a normal time, teaching all my classes, and then staying throughout the evening to work some more.  That’s the part I hate.  By the time I get home my kids are asleep and I’ve missed any play time with them until the next day.

The part I love is that I get to spend time with the parents of my students.  It’s nice to see all the trees that these bright, young apples fell from.  Fortunately, in my time as a teacher I have never had a “bad” conference.  The parents of my students are all wonderfully supportive of us teachers.  But it’s still hard to get past missing an evening with my own kids.  That’s why it’s so nice to get the next day off!


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