Sunday Readings Anyone?

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I got my work done for my online classes.  That was the work that had been due last Tuesday that was extended because of Sandy.  Now I have to get the next set of assignments done.  OK, please keep praying.  Speaking of prayer, here’s a link to the daily readings.

This evening we took the kids to what must be one of the final fall festivals in the area.  This one took place over at Our Lady of Perpetual Help parish in Dallas.  When we arrived, my brother-in-law who was there with his kids, looked at us and thanked us for increasing the Anglo population at the event.  I have to say, I actually love the Mexican atmosphere.  Their expression of their Catholic faith is so vibrant.  Did I mention that they had food?!  Street tacos are the best.  And my kids got to compete in various carnival games.  One of these games involved tossing an unopened roll of toilet paper into a mock-up of a toilet.  Wow, that’s two blogs in a row where I mention the word toilet.  Anyway, a good time was had by all.


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