Lonely With Sandy

The daily post prompt today:

When’s the last time you felt really, truly lonely?

Chicago, my connection, from approach. This picture represents the gap between loneliness and hope.

These past few days I was blessed, yes blessed, to be stuck in NJ with the most wonderful family during the most trying of times.  All of my sisters and my parents were so supportive and understanding of my plight — being separated from my wife and kids because of Hurricane Sandy — despite the hell they were going through.  Most of them are still without power and have small children and their situation is getting dire.  I was fortunate in that I made it home.  It took a whole lot of help.

My nieces drove me to the middle of Pennsylvania to another sister’s house where I could plug in my devices, send lesson plans to my sub, and most importantly, get warm and rested.  From there my wife was able to rebook me onto a series of connecting flights that finally got me back to Dallas shortly before 10 last night.  I have temperate temps, electricity, and best of all my extraordinary wife whom I love so much and my precious children without whom my life is meaningless.  I will never take a trip without them again!  Because without them, no matter who else or how many other people surround me, I am really, truly lonely.


One response to “Lonely With Sandy

  1. So glad to know you are home safe and sound!

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