Aftermath and A Glint of Hope

Heading west to catch a flight from a different airport. Hope this works!

I woke up this morning to the storm’s aftermath.  Still no power.  Lots of debris outside.

My wife and I tried our best to communicate throughout the day but without power and with spotty cell phone coverage my batter kept draining quickly.  The best we could manage was a plan to get me out to my sister’s house in central PA and hope for a flight from that airport.

By the end of the day I had found myself, in fact, here in Harrisburg blogging to both of you.

Keep praying with me that my flight tomorrow isn’t canceled or I think I’ll just start walking back to Texas.

God I miss my wife and kids.

PS: the electric utility in NJ is still telling my sister out there they won’t have power for 7 days (at least).  Horrible.


One response to “Aftermath and A Glint of Hope

  1. Prayers for all affected by this awful storm. I finally heard
    from family in NJ, NY and CT. No power, but they are okay.
    Hope you get home safely to your family!

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