Saturday… There’s a Storm A-brewin’

All seems well today.  The news reports of the approaching hurricane (Sandy) are sounding bad but it’s not supposed to hit until Monday afternoon.  By that time I will be home for more than 24 hours, relaxing after a day of work, and playing with my beautiful babies.  I can’t wait to see them!!!

I am a tad bit worried, though, that the airline has already said I can change my Sunday evening flight without fees.  That’s just a bit too magnanimous of them.  Something’s not right here.

In the meantime, I enjoyed myself today.  I got a call from my dad asking if I wanted to go to noon mass with him and my mom.  The two of them then took their youngest (if not favorite) son to lunch.  Afterwards, I spent the day catching up with my sister Barbara and her family.  We even went out to look for Halloween costumes for her kids.

Tomorrow I head home.

Here’s Mom and Dad sitting across the booth from me at the Nutley Diner (NJ). Aren’t they cute?


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