Passbook: Am I Missing Something?

I’m currently sitting in Terminal C at D/FW. I’ve not had an easy day. Already I’ve disappointed someone I love on two counts, put the finishing touches on a presentation that most certainly suck, and had a gate change.

On that last point… I have been eagerly awaiting an opportunity to use the Passbook app on my phone since upgrading my operating system a few weeks ago. In theory it sounds great. It’s a virtual wallet that stores all the clunky things from your real wallet and key chain in a neat folder on your home screen. The first day I used it, though, I was surprised to learn that there really weren’t that many companies with Passbook compatible apps.

Last night I got an email from American Airlines telling me I could check in for my flight. From my email I opened the American app and proceeded to get a boarding pass. All this because we don’t have a working printer. When j opened the boarding pass if asked if I wanted to save it to my passbook. Naturally I said yes. But what’s the point?

Well all the Apple stuff out there says that boarding passes in Passbook will be somewhat interactive. But guess what’s still showing my old gate on it right now. It never updated me with info that might have been very useful when my wife dropped me at the now-wrong door.

Sio, to recap: using Passbook requires you to use another app first, then store the sand exact pass offered on the first app to another app, then it doesn’t even update you like it’s supposed to?

Again I ask, am I missing something?


One response to “Passbook: Am I Missing Something?

  1. Hoping that once you are on the plane everything from there on will go fine.

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