Almost Off-Track and the Strange Travels of a Redbox Movie

This morning my kids, my wife and I all headed out of the house at an ungodly hour. We were on our way to TV station KDAF, CW33 so my kids could appear as models in a taped segment for next week about Halloween costumes, safety, etc. We greatly enjoyed the experience. The night before, we had told the kids of our plans. My mother-in-law who was visiting told my son that he’d better get off to bed if he wanted to be up in time for school the next morning.

“I’m not going to school, Grandma. I’m going to be on TV.”

I love that kid.

Anyway, as part of my last minute preparation to be away from the classroom for first period I had arranged with a coworker who lives nearby that I would drop off a movie at her place on my way to the studio. She would then place it on my desk for the sub. At 6:35 AM with my precious daughter already back asleep in the back seat of my car I followed my friend and colleague’s instructions. I pulled into the parking lot of her complex. It was pitch black. I found her car by slowly inching my way past every other vehicle, slowing down to look at each one. When I found it, I put m own car in park, walked up to the windshield, and slipped the disc under her windshield wipers. As I drove away at high speed I realized that this hadn’t seemed at all like a sketchy drug deal. In the end, though, the kids got their movie and my own kids were as precious as could be.




One response to “Almost Off-Track and the Strange Travels of a Redbox Movie

  1. So friggin cute!!! But what in the world is the giant purple thing???

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