Deadlines and Keeping Busy

I just finished my work for the two classes I’m taking.  My wife and kids are all asleep (boo) and I am wide awake.

What’s worse is that in the next few days I have to:

  • Make a presentation for a talk I’m giving
  • Write my lessons for the classes I’m teaching
  • Get started on the work for the next week of my classes (the one’s I’m taking, not teaching)
  • Finish work on two articles I’m writing for publication
  • Fly to NJ for a family wedding

That last one is tough because I’m going solo and I’m already missing my wife and kids.

Say a prayer for me (or two) that I can get through all of this relatively unscathed.


One response to “Deadlines and Keeping Busy

  1. What classes are you taking? I’d love to hear your ideas for balancing school, blog, family, etc. as I too am balancing all of the above while trying to get my masters. Did you get everything done?

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