Where Did It Go?

Scrub that…
Public Domain photo/Wikimedia Commons

Some of you may have noticed a post went up yesterday around this time and then disappeared this morning.  It has been “restored” in WordPress speak.  No, there was nothing nefarious going on.  This was just an issue of me wanting to be overly cautious with something I had posted involving a real-life event with real-life people.  Something my editor (my lovely wife) said this morning gave me pause to question whether I had been my usual clandestine self.  I’ve learned that the safest thing to do is to take the post down, let some time pass, review the “deleted” post, and, if all is OK, restore the post.

It’s never a bad idea to be cautious when posting something on the internet.  Fortunately this time I was OK and my post was fine (save for a slight clarification).  Now I hope you’ll all go read what I posted.  It’s actually quite good.  At least the pictures are great.  They were taken by my wife.


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