Today was the first ever Oktoberfest at the Montessori school my kids attend. Being the volunteer-minded parents we are — and because volunteering is mandatory — my wife and I were, of course, helping out with this massive undertaking. The reality is that the event, which was modest in scope compared with the myriad of fall festivals being held at just about every parish church in the state of Texas this month, was what we made of it. I know that doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement. Let me explain.

First off, the school, which is only a few years old, operates out of rented space at a local Protestant church. The lady who runs the school has recently moved into a new house. The house is an old stone farmhouse that she and her husband purchased. It sits on a little bit of land considering it’s in a city. My wife initially told me that they had “ten acres”. Upon closer review they only have 1.6. Note to self: put eye exams on the calendar. The property is, how shall we say, woods-y. The school lady (I don’t use real names most of the time) just had a baby a few weeks ago. The weather threatened to rain all day. The whole thing had an ominous feel to it.

Which one of these two men is German?
PS: I totally need to start that diet

Second off, my wife had volunteered me to work the admissions table. Around 3:00 I found myself sitting at a table with my wife’s nephew. He is a young college student of color. I only mention this because, of the two of us he’s the one with a significant amount of German ancestry in him. The two of us had been given our instructions and then left to our own devices. Surprisingly, considering that this was so low-key, quite a few people showed up. Personally, I would have handled it a little bit differently if I had read about Oxtoberfest in my parish bulletin and then driven to the location to discover it was someone’s private home.

And third off, if you want to continue reading you’ll have to come back tomorrow. Before breaking for the evening (I’m tired and going to bed) I will include a picture. One of the “events” was a 1K Fun Run.


Not sure where she gets this from. I haven’t run since 1993.


2 responses to “Oktoberfest!

  1. Is your kids’ school protestant?

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