Blogging: Helping Online Students

Thanks WP! I got this.

Tonight I learned that my daily blogging for the past two years has definitely come in handy. After a long (and I mean LONG) day of teaching, a visit to the chiropractor, coming home to play with the kids, a beautiful dinner prepared by the world’s most perfect wife, and hitting the gym hard for an hour on the bike… I sat down to my desk to work on all the outstanding materials for my two online grad school classes. Granted, this is my second master’s degree so, in theory, I should be able to hack the work. However, I haven’t been in school as a student for a while and back then none of it was online. Classroom discussions were limited to whomever wanted to actually discuss something in, of all places, the classroom.

Tonight, though, instead of being overwhelmed by the amount of work sitting before me I took a look at the instructions and felt a sense of relief. It’s all writing! I can do this with my eyes closed. Seriously, I don’t mean to brag. I remember reading the following line on the WordPress main site when the Postaday 2011 challenge was announced. “If you want to write more, write more.” Well, thanks to the challenge I’ve gotten better at writing more. I am so familiar and comfortable with my own writing groove that I didn’t get the writer’s block that most students encounter when staring at a white laptop screen. I have a feeling this is going to be an enjoyable experience.

Thanks, blogging!


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