One Man’s Trash…

Tonight, having stood on line for an hour to go to confession, I am tired and not exactly inspired to write.  So I checked out’s prompt.  Here goes.

Reality TV: Trash or Treasure?

Speaking of confession, confessions, and confessionals…  Seriously?  You all do know that I used to work as a reality TV producer, right?  That being said, It is totally trash.  Except for the shows I produced.  In fact, those shows were genuine gems.  Glittering, gleaming, incredibly polished gemstones.

A typical confessional shot.

Oh wait, I’m sorry.  My shows were glittering, gleaming pieces of crap.  Oh they were incredibly polished but that’s only because those of us on the production crew weren’t normally allowed to drink on-set.  Yep, we brought the best of the worst of the human race to the small screen.  And that’s saying a lot when you factor in the early Medieval period.  Yes, I am sure we were worse than the bubonic plague.  On the up side, the people I worked with (including the lovely lady pictured here) were and are true professionals.  They are the real gems of my former career and they made every day of my time in that field the most fun I have ever had on any job.  By the way, if you’re in New York and awake before the sun comes up, check out Suki on the CW 11 Morning News.  Anyway…

Of course, there are some truly decent shows out there.  I think of the Duggars on TLC and Little People, Big World (since cancelled) because these shows at least have a decent background narrative (which happens to be true).  Either way, the judgment on whether this entire genre is trash or treasure will have to remain in the eye of the viewer.

I’m going to bed.


One response to “One Man’s Trash…

  1. Do you remember the first Duggar offspring’s wedding? What the hell was that?

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