Sirius-ly, You Don’t Have To!

I suppose I could let the picture do the talking here.

Six More Months!

But for those who need a bit more of an explanation I will elaborate.  I am a huge fan of satellite radio.  I’m a guy with a commute and, spending over an hour in my car every day, I like to have a lot of choice when it comes to my listening selection.

Six months ago I set a reminder on my calendar that I should cancel the Sirius-XM subscription in my Honda Accord.  I did this because this was the day that the six months for $25 deal expired.  If I didn’t act now to cancel I was going to get billed at the usual rate of $1400 per day or something like that.

Imagine my surprise when I called the good folks at Sirius-XM this evening and, after spending just a few minutes on hold, spoke with a lovely lady in Rangpur who miraculously found the exact same deal I was offered six months ago for me tonight!

So now I can drive off into the sunset, er, sunrise tomorrow morning happily listening to Mike Church or Studio 54 Radio or, or, or anything other than terrestrial radio!

Don’t get me wrong, I still actually enjoy listening to some land-based stuff.  For instance, my traffic reports on XM just aren’t as good as the stuff from the local guys.  But this just made my night.

Thank you, Sirius-XM!


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