False Start Again

Due to a clerical error (the payroll administrator didn’t do his job) I have virtually no personal time to take off this year. As a result, being as run-down as I am with this cold, I would normally take a day off to recover. Today, though, I had to go into work and hope I didn’t infect anybody. Actually, since I most definitely got this from people at work I’m not too concerned.

Anyway, this was yet another week where the best of intentions regarding my fitness plan went right down the tubes. I felt really strong about getting it done after the first two days showed me that I could do this and not die of exhaustion. Then bronchitis struck and there was no way I was going to the gym. We’ll try this again next week.


3 responses to “False Start Again

  1. Hope you feel better soon, Harvey!

  2. FYI – You shouldn’t be going to the gym with bronchitis. Just saying.

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