Back on the Horse, er, Bike

OK, so I was presented with a choice tonight.  And choices are what define us, I suppose.  Well, tonight I chose to go to the gym and do something.  It didn’t have to be a huge something, mind you, but I know that I’ve got to start doing just that small something; because that’s better than a big nothing.  Seriously, I’ve been worried about some health issues lately.  Throw in my chronic degenerative spine and sciatica — I sound like a man much older than I am — and I realize that if I don’t do something I cannot say I tried to stave this.  I want to be able to say that I tried.

Courtesy of Wikimedia (public domain)

So tonight I thought about whether I’d try to do that grueling push-up/pull-up routine again.  Ultimately (on my way to the gym) I decided to ride the bike.  Kyle had told me I needed to ride for an hour a day three times a week.  I had decided the previous night that, although my intentions in starting a few days earlier were great and in fact zealous, I needed to hit the reset button on this whole thing.  I would have gladly tried a few sets of strength exercises if my chest wasn’t still as sore as it was.  I’ll get back there very soon, trust me.  But I hopped on that bike and rode my heart out for sixty minutes, never dropping below 95 RPM’s.  I felt great.  I was tired, I was sweaty, but my heart was pumping and I was alive!  OK, that was a bit over the top.  Anyway I was getting back in shape and my worries were starting to melt.



Then I went home and ate a bag of Fritos and a pint of ice cream.  And it was good.


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