Closing in on a Huge Stat and Big News Coming!

Isn’t that beautiful, Freshly Pressed people? Have I told you how much I love you? And you’re all so beautiful.

If I estimate correctly, it’s only a matter of days before I hit 100,000 hits to this blog!  For only being up and running two years I’m tempted to say that’s not bad.  Keep in mind that this is without every have been “freshly pressed” a single time.  It’s not that I would ever shun that honor.  Do you hear that, Freshly Pressed Determination Committee people?  I love you.  I think you’re brilliant.  You just might not have ever come across the fabulous stylings of my wonderful blog.  To aid you in your decision, I posted a “best of” a few months back.  Take a look!  I’ll wait.

Still waiting…

OK, now you’re just making me self-conscious.

Get in shape, maggots!!!

In the meantime, I have some exciting news.  I’m about to begin writing a series on a topic that is close to me — my health and fitness goals.  Regular readers (both of you) know full well of my spinal fusion.  Who am I kidding?  The janitor at work knows about it.  I usually start my cocktail chatter with “Hi!  Wanna’ hear about my spinal fusion?”  Regardless, since my surgery eleven years ago I have been dabbling (with varying degrees of intensity) in the realm of weight training.  A thought occurred to me the other night.  This bottle of wine from that vineyard in upstate New York is tasty.  Why have we not ordered a case of it yet?  Then a second thought occurred to me.  Why is that physical training, the one-on-one, angry, ex-boot camp drill sergeant, in your face kind hasn’t ever taken off by means of social media?  I’m not talking about the fitness apps on your iPhone or Android.  I’m not talking about fitness websites giving “advice” and a “plan” for gym rats to follow.  No, I’m talking about using Facebook, Twitter, and blogs (like this wonderfully Freshly Press-able blog that you’re reading right here) to connect with a qualified trainer in another part of the world — someone who is never more than a screen tap away from reminding you about what you’re supposed to eat or patting you on the back when you’ve hit your goal on the bike.

Fortunately, while trolling through my Facebook newsfeed and not in any way stalking old friends who’ve forgotten they accepted my friend request years ago, I came across a series of pictures from a former student.  He had just finished an Ironman triathlon.  Worth a shot, I figured…  I reached out to him, he’s agreed to do it, and it looks like I’m going to get to find out the answer to my question.  Is it simply a matter of lack of determination — like why most people with paid gym memberships aren’t “in shape” — or is it that social media really doesn’t lend itself to this sort of thing.  Or perhaps, it’s because no one has figured out how to corner this market.

Stay tuned (you too, Freshly Pressed Committee).  We all shall see…


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