On a Night Like This…

I kind of miss the old writing prompts that WordPress used to send to all of us doing the Postaday Challenge (2011).

Sometimes it’s easier just to answer a question then to think of things to write.  Those prompts were fun.  In fact, this year the whole “Postaday” thing has just been rather strange to me.  It seemed to me that a lot more people were “into” the challenge last year.  I certainly was.  It’s really odd since I’ve been much more faithful to posting every day this year.

I also miss my buddy Wade.  I haven’t heard from him in forever.  Oh well…  It’s back off to work tomorrow.  My son told me this morning that he’s going to be sad tomorrow.   That almost made me cry.  It’s the downside of having the summer off — the fact of having to go back at some point.  Say a prayer for us all.

The Sovereign Dominion of Virginia


4 responses to “On a Night Like This…

  1. I wish you a happy school year! If you do nothing more than teach your students how to defend their faith, you will have given them a priceless gift.

  2. The start of school feels like Christmas, doesn’t it? How I love the smell of crayons.
    Enjoyed your post and tagged you. http://2bnine.wordpress.com

  3. Suck it up! Who else gets 3 months off every year! I should know.

  4. Praying for new and VERY exciting things for you in this school year.

    I think the issue with the WP challenge is they didn’t really issue one this year. I remember the first year, they announced it the end of Dec. Last year there was nothing. I’m assuming the postaday button was just to hush some of us up about it. Maybe next year. But hey, I’m proud of you for pushing through on your consistency in writing. I’ll give you an award. 🙂 Hmmm, what shall we call it?

    And yes, I miss Wade, too.
    “WAAAADE, where are youuuuuuu?”

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