Puzzle Time!

Continuing with yesterday’s theme of “blah-ness” I found myself really dragging today.  I found it particularly hard to get out of bed.  This could be because I know I only have one more day to sleep in.  Ugh.  But, once I was up it was fun time with the kids.  We lazed around for a bit, watching some TV shows — Super Why, The Cat in the Hat, etc.  Then we headed out.

“Hey kids, why don’t we return those library books?!”

Well, who knew that this would set off a flood of emotion?  Rita threw a fit right away.  You see, she loves the books she had taken out last time and did not grasp the concept that it was only on loan from the library.  Ben threw a fit because he didn’t want to get dressed.



OK, so thirty minutes later, having sneaked the books into the back of the car, I was successfully able to convince the kids to come with me.

“Children?  Why don’t we take a little drive to — hey, hey, no tears — listen, we should get in the car and — do you wanna’ stand in the corner young man? — I’ll get you McDonald’s!”

That worked.  Unfortunately, we got to the library to discover it was the day of the week they open late.  Fail.  By the way, you can impale me on a dull butter knife if I ever use that phrase again.  So we drove around about after I discreetly slipped the books back into the outside dropbox.  Farewell Dora and Diego Fly a Kite.  We shall miss you.

I actually did take them to McDonald’s.

After lunch at McDonald’s we headed home and did nothing for the next three hours.  That was fun.  Actually, it kind of was fun.  But I figured we should probably try to do something else, something stimulating.  So I took out a bunch of old jigsaw puzzles I had just found all of the pieces to, threw caution to the wind, and we all gathered at the dining room table for puzzle time!  I am happy to report that it went very well.  Rita wasn’t as into it as Ben was but she still had fun.  After a few fits and starts where he insisted he “couldn’t do it” and I gave him the fatherly advice that he could, he really got into it.  My words to him — “Son, I don’t ever want to hear you say you CAN’T again.  You hear?” — really sparked an ambitious curiosity in him.  Glad to be of assistance.  Tomorrow’s the last full day together.  I’m going to cry.


One response to “Puzzle Time!

  1. very sweet kid/daddy time, I hope your school year goes well, I’m sorry your summer is over 😦

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