Prayers (for a Friend of a Friend)


One of the positive things about social sites such as Facebook is that vital information can be shared quickly and easily.  This morning I ask all of you to pray for the man in the picture above.  His name is Matthew Bocchino.  He’s 26 years-old and the son of a friend of a friend of mine.  How’s that for six degrees?  A few weeks ago, Matt was in a serious motorcycle accident and is still in very serious condition.  The little boy he’s holding is his three year-old son, Ian.  Does that make it personal enough to actually prompt you to pray for him?  Anyway, just thought I’d pass this along.  I will update as best I can.


3 responses to “Prayers (for a Friend of a Friend)

  1. May Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal heal Matthew!

  2. I don’t pray but I can send good vibes and love to help speed recovery. I do hope your friend’s friend is improving and will be thinking about him and his family. 🙂

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