One Year and One Day

That’s right, folks.  It has now officially three hundred sixty-seven days since we arrived in Texas (leap year).

Highway abutment in Coppell, TX. They love the shape of their state.

I can tell you that it has not been the easiest of adjustments for this northern, urbane, Jersey-boy.  I will probably never really “like” this climate.  It’s just not in my blood.  And I sure do miss trees.  They just don’t have ’em here like the forested East Coast.  What else?  Well, of course I miss seeing my side of the family and all of our friends in Virginia.  I hate that we didn’t have a single snow day this past year.  And I could do without all the variants of the word “y’all”.  Have I mentioned that it’s both singular and plural?  No kidding.

Now, before you label me a hater…  I do love the reception I’ve received.  They aren’t kidding when they say that when you’re here, you’re Texan.  True enough, my students could have tried harder to avoid harping on my apparent Jersey accent (which isn’t strong); but they’re high schoolers.  I’ll give them a pass.  It did actually get pretty cold this winter which I like (in winter).  It was just a shorter season.  And we have seen a lot of neat stuff since we’ve been here — like Southfork, the Sixth Floor Museum, the Stockyards.  Oh wait, I’d seen them before.

Look, this is what I love about this past year…  I love that my wife, children, and I are all together in a beautiful house.  I love that we were here for the final year of her dad’s life on earth.  That was a blessing to us all.  I love that we’re here for my wonderful mother-in-law and that she’s here for us.  I love that I found a chiropractor here who’s setting my spine aright.  I love my students.  And the people really are some of the friendliest you’ll meet anywhere.

I sincerely hope that all reads in a very positive light.  I complain a lot sometimes but this year I’m going to focus more on the positive.  Do me a favor?  If you’ve had a moving experience (long distance, dramatically different places, leaving friends and family, etc.) comment and share it with me and my readers.  I like hearing others’ tales.


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