The Long Road Home

After our Sea World… fiasco’s not the right word, but you get the picture — after Sea World we had seen about all there was to see in the outskirts of San Antonio.  We’d already been downtown to the River Walk many times.  So, this morning we woke up, grabbed a bite, and hit the road.  Instead of driving straight home — a five hour drive up I-35 with all the comfort, convenience, and maddening boredom of a Texas Interstate — we decided to take a more scenic route.  I will tell you now that this story ends twelve hours later.

First stop, a little town called Fredericksburg about an hour north-northwest of San Antonio.  A quaint little town, Fredericksburg has either been forgotten by time or caressed by charm depending on one’s outlook.  I liked the place.  However, after mass, lunch, and a brief tour of Main St. there wasn’t much else to do.  I can’t believe people come and spend whole weekends here.  For fun!

The only problem with our side trip to Fritztown (as descendants of the original Prussian settlers call it) is that it isn’t easily accessible to the DFW Metroplex.  Not easily, anyway.  I’ve got to scale back my usage of creative sentence fragments.  I know they’re OK here and there in a conversational setting.  But still.  Damn.  Did it again.  OK, bottom line: it took us three hours to reach I-35 again and here it was at a point not too far north of Austin (and therefore, not far from San Antonio).  But I will say that this drive was unlike any other I’ve ever made in the great state of Texas.  It was actually scenic!  Hills (small mountains, really), trees, lakes; this place was happening!  Still my heart sort of sank when we merged onto 35 and I saw where we were.  Oh well, we picked it up still far enough south to hit the old Czech Stop for kolaches!

This has got to be one of the busiest roadside stop-offs in the middle of nowhere.


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