Is It National Dogwood Day?

It’s just shy of 5PM here in Texas and all afternoon my wife and I have been noticing some strange things happening with my blog stats.

Not having posted anything yesterday or today, we were surprised to see my numbers had shot through the roof, relatively speaking. Here are the basics.

  1. This has now become my busiest day ever.
  2. Today has more than doubled my previous busiest day.
  3. I have NOT been “Freshly Pressed”.

It seems that close to 1,000 people searched the term “dogwood tree” today on Yahoo! Image Search and their results lead them to a post I wrote over a year ago about my wife’s birthday and how the kids had given her a dogwood.

I’m confused about all of this but I welcome the surge in traffic.

Any other WP-er’s experience anything like this?



2 responses to “Is It National Dogwood Day?

  1. I wonder why so many people are searching “dogwood tree?”
    But I’m glad they found you instead!

  2. Oh. Ignore my other question on your comments. Lol!!


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