That’s My Big Girl

After her largely-successful potty training last week my little girl continues to want to show us that she is, in fact, a big girl.

Today, we took her crib down in favor of a big girl bed. The bed itself is simply an old twin bed frame and mattress, nothing spectacular. But we managed to convince her that she’d want to not only sleep in this bed but also sleep in it by herself without Mommy or Daddy giving up half our night to the cause by allowing her to choose her own bedding. Her brother, too, had to get in on the action. Why not? He’s a good boy. But we decided to use this as leverage too. Getting him new bedding would require that he start going to bed on his own as well. It’s a bittersweet accomplishment (if it comes to fruition). He’s four, she’s two. I hate taking the crib down. I had hoped we would have used it again. But the kids really did enjoy the trips to the store for their new sheets and they enjoyed “helping” me take furniture apart.

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One response to “That’s My Big Girl

  1. You know what that room means??? A big stuffed giraffe.

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