My niece has just gotten me sucked into the swirling vortex that is a TV show called Baggage.

The basic premise is that one young lady (or possibly man depending on the episode) is introduced to three young men (or ladies or whatever) who each has some sort of “baggage”.  The host then unveils three suitcases, propped open, each of which contains the wording of a terrible secret.  An example of said secret is: “I never pay my bar tabs” or ” I once lied under oath to get out of a lawsuit”.  The young lady then decides which of these three things is just too much baggage for her.  The man to whom that suitcase belongs steps forward and says good bye.

In the end, the young lady is face to face with just one man.  The host then lists off three possible secrets about the young lady, one of which is true.  If the lecherous cad of a man is OK with whatever the dirty little secret is, then they win, I guess, and get to go on a date which might just lead to a superficial few months of complete mistrust.  How in the hell did I get roped into this godawful crap?  And for the record, our young bimbo in question had lied about being pregnant to get out of a previous relationship.  Good to know.

Did I mention it’s hosted by Jerry Springer?



3 responses to “Baggage

  1. Ugh. Whatever happened to romance?

  2. Please tell me the niece in question isn’t my daughter?

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