I’m Impressed. Potty Training Rita, Day 3

Only one small accident today.  Baby girl was still dry this morning when she woke up.  We enjoyed a nice quiet breakfast together.  Benny was still asleep.  After a while she agreed to use the potty and was quite successful.  Then we puttered around a bit.  Around lunchtime she came to me and told me she was wet.  That she was.  Not a big deal.  I really should have been keeping a closer eye on her.  I changed her and we soldiered on.  I ran out to do some shopping.  Then I took the kids to the chiropractor where we learned a new exercise.  Dr. Norman was quite impressed with Rita’s efforts.  She’s really feeling like a big girl now.  She even voluntarily got on the table for an adjustment.  My little girl is almost all grown up…  I think I’m going to cry.

Dr. Norman showing me the exercise. I don’t know what happened to the rest of the guy demonstrating this pose.

Basically, the day was quiet, slow, and delightful for us.  Mommy and Benny went out for the evening.  Still not sure where since it’s late and they’re not home yet.  I trust everything is well.  But Rita and I had a fun time.  On our way home from the doctor she fell asleep and she continued to sleep on the couch for about an hour.  When I woke her up I asked if she wanted to use the potty.  She fought me on this one for some reason.  It couldn’t possibly be because she didn’t actually have to go.  No, Daddy, it would never be something so obvious as that.  So I made a deal with her.  I promised her a pink (strawberry) milkshake if she would try.  Somehow or other this got twisted into the milkshake becoming the incentive rather than the reward.  On our way home from the McDonald’s drive-thru, where we encountered a cashier with a perfect radio announcer’s voice, she decided she was finished with her pink shake and wanted nothing but Daddy’s Rolo McFlurry.  Don’t ask.  They never mix them right anyway so I’m not sure why I even bother.  But little Rita has me completely wrapped around her finger so I gave in.  When we got home, after some slight coaxing, she kept her end of the bargain.

We then watched a movie together.  I don’t know how many more times I can sit through a showing of Smurfs.  Then came the party time.  She did something she hasn’t done in a couple of days.  She asked for something to drink.  I gave her some juice and she asked for more.  Now I knew she would have to go.  And just like yesterday she played the potty game for about forty minutes.  At one point in her maniacal “pee-a-little, flush-a-lot” maneuvers, I must have forgotten to vacate the bathroom quickly enough for her liking.  She pointed at me and said: “Daddy, go in there.”  Then she laughed at how absurd she sounded.  I ran out of the room laughing.  I called my niece Campbell into the room to tell her the story.  Rita, knowing we were talking about her, came out of the bathroom stark naked to laugh with us and repeat her punchline.

How’d I get so lucky?


One response to “I’m Impressed. Potty Training Rita, Day 3

  1. It’s nice to hear a father’s perspective on Potty Training. Keep it up, I myself am having a difficult time with it.

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