What Am I Complaining For? This Is a Piece of Cake: Potty Training Rita, Day 2

I am happy to report that this morning, even though I did NOT wake up ahead of her, my daughter was bone dry!

Once again, there is a difference between daytime training and nighttime training so that’s not really a huge deal.

But let me tell you about how amazing this process is going…

Her potty seat. Seems like such an odd contraption, doesn’t it?

After about an hour and a half (we had breakfast, etc.) I decided I needed to take a shower.  I tend to take one every day.  I turned to Rita and said “Daddy’s going to take a shower, honey.  Why don’t you bring the potty seat into the other part of the bathroom and you can try using it while I get cleaned?”  To my surprise she agreed.  Well it turns out she maybe just wanted some privacy because I wasn’t in the shower two minutes when she yelled at me “Daddy I peed!”  I toweled off and went in to where she was and sure enough, she had peed.  A lot.  And in the potty!  Good girl.  Without even stopping to get dressed we went into where Mommy was and shared our good news.  Then we made our celebratory phone calls and had our big reward treat.  For her it was a handful of Skittles and two mini chocolate chip cookies.

About an hour later we went to mass to celebrate the feast of St. Benedict.  When we returned things got really interesting…  I again invited my daughter to try the potty.  She was at first reluctant but agreed when I told her she could use the potty seat in the bathroom again.  She sat herself down and then told me in the softest little voice “Daddy, go in there.”  She motioned for me to go into my bedroom while she had her potty time.  Before I even got to my room I could hear her moving about.  I turned around and she had peed again and was attempting to empty the potty seat bowl into the big toilet.  Fortunately, she’s got some coordination and none of it spilled.  I was all set to get her dressed again and give her another reward but she looked and me and yelled: “No Daddy!  I’m not done.”  OK, I’ll let you keep trying if you like.  “Do you need to poop?” I asked.  She nodded her head and I left the room.  Once again I quickly turned around to find her standing up from the potty.  “Daddy I pooped!”  Yay!!!  This was going better than I though.  But it didn’t end there.  Oh no, Daddy got to spend the next forty-five minutes playing this game with his little girl.  It seems that she was just having fun figuring out that she could control her movements.  Every thirty seconds she would ask me to come back in the room and wipe out the bowl that she had just dumped.  She would then flush the toilet.  For the record, many times she would flush a toilet who’s tank was still in the process of filling.  I do believe we used eighty-seven gallons of water this afternoon in no less than twenty separate “uses” of the potty.  Finally, I convinced her through much laughing and a fake struggle that she was done.  I didn’t want to stifle her since she was really getting the hang of it.  She got dressed and we continued our day, using the potty roughly every hour or so.

Against my better judgment we all went out to dinner for the feast day.  I only thought it might not be a good idea for me and Rita to go because I wasn’t sure she was ready.  But, she was fine and stayed dry.  And when we got home she took a bath got into her pull-up, watched a little TV, and went to bed as dry as she woke up!

Pull-ups! I don’t know what the little girl on the package’s problem is but she’s kind of annoying.

I almost forgot… I sprang for a free Slurpee as an extra incentive. It was 7-11’s birthday!


4 responses to “What Am I Complaining For? This Is a Piece of Cake: Potty Training Rita, Day 2

  1. girls rule! (Yes, I am one)

  2. I guess I am not on the celebratory phone chain???

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