I’m Caught Up!

It’s the Fourth of July and I have declared my independence from self-imposed blogging deadlines!

I did this by falling behind on posting every day while on the road and catching up today.  On this day I posted (with the appropriate dates attached for your benefit, kids) ELEVEN days’ worth of posts.

We visited Karla’s Aunt Lisa for a cookout.  That was fun.  She’s the one with the Lucy obsession.  Boy was she jealous when I showed her the pictures from our trip to Jamestown.

Then we came home and Wilma and I watched one of our favorite movies — 1776.  It’s a classic even if Ken Howard is a terrible actor AND singer.

Finally, we took in the fireworks over in Las Colinas.

All in all, not a bad day to get caught up and to celebrate our nation’s birthday!

Oh, and I neglected to get any pictures today so he’s a stock shot.

Our fireworks looked NOTHING like this.


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