Benedict and Rita: Jersey Bound – Day 18

Daddy stayed up waaaaay past his bedtime last night.  It was fun, don’t get me wrong.  I don’t get to see my sisters that often so it just like old times hanging out with Barbara and Ron chatting about life.

This morning, we decided to pay my sister Bridget a visit.  Some of you (readers) might recognize the name.  She is the author of a favorite blog of mine which can be read here.  She, her husband (also named Ron, not to be confused with Barbara’s Ron), and their five kids greeted us with great joy as we made our way into their apartment with the donuts you picked out.  We had a great time catching up and visiting and you two practically had to be pried away from all the fun toys and, more importantly, the fun time you were having.

In the afternoon, we went with Barbara and her kids to the swim club.  This was the first time I felt secure enough letting go of your hand, Ben.  Don’t worry, I was never more than a foot from you.  It helped that this pock was designed so as not to give Daddy a heart attack.  It featured a gentle slope into the water and the kids section only got to about three feet deep.  Good thing you’re well over three feet tall!

Back at Barbara’s house we enjoyed a great dinner, did some laundry for our next segment, and played some more with the kids.  Daddy even found time to run around the corner and say goodbye to his daddy before the end of our journey approached.  To top it off I stayed up even later than the night before as Bridget and Barbara engaged in one of their specialties — they make awesome cakes.  It just takes them a while to decorate them because they are masterpieces.  Tomorrow is your cousin’s seventh birthday and Barbara and Bridget usually stay up the night beforehand frosting the cake.  While they were doing this, Daddy was generally making himself a nuisance all the while trading old George Carlin lines with Bridget.  Good times.

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