Benedict and Rita: Jersey Bound – Day 9

Today, children, Daddy will let you in on a secret…  Even though I’m publishing this on “June 19th”, it’s actually June 27.   This is done through the magic of pre and post-dating the blog entry.  To be honest, I’m so far behind on this travelogue that I’m relying on the pictures in my Photostream to remind me what we did on each different day so far.  Speaking of the pictures, here they are…

First, though, we visited your cousin Fiona’s grave this morning.  Today has been six years since she went home to God.

Your cousin, Matt.

The Arlington Diner! Gotta’ love Jersey…

We went for a drive and when we got back, as Daddy was parked in Aunt Mary Lou’s driveway waiting for Mommy to come out to the car (we were heading to run some errands), a nice man came up to the car window and handed me a flyer.

“Hey man, it’s for the block party this weekend…”

Apparently he assumed that I lived here.

“It’s right over there,” he said, pointing to the side yard lot of the neighboring house.  “You know where it is…” he said.  As he said this, he smiled slyly and winked at me.  I thought I had just been party to a crack deal as he walked away.  On further examination Karla and I noticed several things were amiss with this whole block party thing.

Primarily the flyer itself was bizarre.  Look below.

Top right corner of the page, above the bouncing letters “BLOCK PARTY!” (and “party” was misspelled), was the above picture. 1) It’s someone’s basement. 2) Who in the hell are these people?! 3) Though not your typical block party this looks like a rockin’ good time!

Lower left corner of the flyer… Nothing screams block party like a group of stuffed animals! What in the…

“We need to be at this party,” I said to Karla as we laughed at the insanity of it.  We went shopping, picked up some shoes for the kids and returned.  We were pleasantly surprised to see a tiny little man in the front steps of my sister’s house.  When I say little I mean he was all of two feet tall and it wasn’t an extra in the new cast of The Wiz.  No, this little guy is the famed Ian of blog posting lore.  My beloved great-nephew whom I had yet to lay eyes on.  He who was born early and is now thriving at a bit over ten pounds was here with his mommy, daddy, and brothers!  They had come by to see us.  Fortunately we returned in time to catch them.


Later, your cousin, Aisleigh, turned… well, you get the idea.

Finally, we broke out the new margarita maker and had drinks.


One response to “Benedict and Rita: Jersey Bound – Day 9

  1. You put Newark NJ in a whole new light – it may replace DisneyWorld as the funnest place on earth.

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