Benedict and Rita: Jersey Bound – Day 8

Following on yesterday’s post about the Sabbath…

Today was basically a day of rest.  Mom came over to Mary Lou’s and visited with us for the afternoon, as did my sister Bridget and her family.  A good (and relaxing) time was had.  Today was a cool and overcast day.  The kids all enjoyed playing in the yard.  Ben, especially, had fun getting to “know” many of his cousins’ names.  He doesn’t see them as much as I’d like (given that we live 1500 miles away).  By the end of the day he was simply referring to them as his “friends”.  When asked by me “Do you know their names?”  His response was “No.  I want you to know them.”

Ben especially enjoyed this toy in Mary Lou’s yard… Hours of fun, barring any trips to the ER.

We rounded out the day with pizzas (the kind you cannot get in Texas) and other assorted Italian baked goods like calzones and strombolis.

Also today, I was taken aback by my sister’s wedding portrait.  I had seen it every day growing up.  This was the one that hung in my parents’ house until they moved just a few years ago and had nowhere to hang it.  Ever want to see a two year-old Harvey?  Feast your eyes on this…

This could be my nephew, Matt (my sister’s son Matthew, not my brother’s).


3 responses to “Benedict and Rita: Jersey Bound – Day 8

  1. yes, I was just thinking how much Matt looks like you! (and Barbara obviously) very very cute Harvey! And what a great toy, where did Mary Lou get it?

  2. Mary Lou got that toy from Christmas severeal years ago. My mother and father found it at a warehouse in the Meadowlands.

  3. I love how Harvey’s Tickle Attack got conveniently flushed down the memory hole. =) For those who don’t know, Harvey is a tall, built guy… and reacts to tickling like a little girl. ;D lol those screams will scar little Benny forever. Maybe Mrs. Harvey too.

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