Benedict and Rita: Jersey Bound – Day 6

This morning we woke up early, packed the car, woke the kids, placed them in said car, then departed North Carolina for Virginia.  The kids promptly went back to sleep for a while.

Our first stop was a town near Lake Anna, Virginia, where we visited friends who were staying at their lake house.

Philip Morris World Headquarters!  One of the many sights a traveler can see on the open road.

Then it was on to Northern Virginia to stay with our friend Crista.  No, you read that correctly.  She does not use an “H” in her name.  This is a major point of contention between she and I.  In fact, for her birthday last year we bought her a wooden block carved into an “H”.  Then we moved to Texas and lost the block.  Crista, we will find that “H”.  Until we do, you may continue to spell your name as you see fit.  When the “H” is found you must use it.

At Crista’s (if that is your real name) we visited with some of our friends from our old home.  I should mention that before we got there we stopped off to visit a few other friends.  We saw Francis at his pub and then Gary, Kelly, Bobby, and Meghan at their home.  These visits were all too brief.  Perhaps on our next trip we will just have to take more vacation time.  In fact, I vote that next summer we simply travel from June-August.

The Pub!

Rita and her godfather at the park.

A Hix! …and if the photos in this post made no sense to you, then you’re not alone.


2 responses to “Benedict and Rita: Jersey Bound – Day 6

  1. i really wish we had thought to video the kids and the hose. That was entertainment for all!

  2. Crista’s father requested the Italian spelling of her name – so
    that’s why no “H” – it’s been hidden in our attic all this time.
    Shh – don’t tell her, please.

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