Benedict and Rita: Jersey Bound – Day 5

In today’s installment, we spent time learning what happens when big kids (Daddy) tries to play with the little kids (Ben and Rita)…

Early this morning we woke up and puttered around Vicki’s house.  The kids enjoyed playing with Dugan the dog (or Dugandog as Rita calls him).  I feel as though these kids want me to play with them, to get in the action; and then they want me out of the picture.  Really, it’s like they want to see me get into situations where I twist myself into some odd contortion under the guise of teaching them something so they can laugh at me.  I’m talking to you, Ben and Rita!  Anyway, playtime with Dugandog over, we headed to Chick-fil-a for lunch.  And then it was time for Monkey Joe’s!

Monkey Joe’s is a place we went to last July when we stopped over at Vicki’s.  The kids loved it.  It’s a child’s play place who’s whole theme is centered on the ever-popular bounce house.  Rita is still a little leery of rides and amusements as such.  But Ben has no such fear.

Here comes Ben flying off the slide at breakneck speed, loving every minute of it.

And here’s what happens when he coaxes Daddy to “help me come down the big slide!”

After this great fun we headed back to Vicki’s for an afternoon where we finally got to catch the DVR’ed episodes of the new season of Dallas.  This is some good stuff…  The kids even cooperated for us by playing with my two iPads at the foot of the bed.  Vicki had recorded the shows on the DVR in her bedroom.  Dugandog even watched with us.

And then it was on to a place called Mellow Mushroom for dinner.  Enjoy the pics of our meal!

My calzone… Not quite what I was expecting but very good nonetheless!  Also featured is my glass of water with a lime in it (wink).

Rita had the good sense to coordinate her dress with her bowl.


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