Harvey Celebrates… Harvey!

My primary audience (but you may read along too!).

Recovering from my bout with the world’s worst stomach bug in the history of the world; I decided to go a different route tonight.  Actually, my brain has been severely impacted by the illness and if I had tried to blog a fresh post tonight it would have resembled William Shatner’s singing career.  So instead, I have put together a top ten list of my favorite blogs authored by me.  In no particular order they are…

  • (the original, the best, the one that started it all)

  • EMPTY NEST  Were the eggs scrambled or poached?
  • THE HILLS ARE ALIVE  Somebody help this poor kid before he really embarrasses himself…
  • THE JOURNEY: REMEMBERED  Wilma knows how to drive in snow like I know how to rope a horse.
  • STATIONES VIAE CRUCIS  Daddy’s little angels help him walk the way of the cross.
  • SEE WORLD  The Weebles take a day trip and discover fun!
  • BUSTED Take a lesson and DON’T punish your kids in this manner (if they’re as crazy as mine).
  • CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE  Better make sure that barber shop pole is actually striped correctly…
  • LET YOUR NO MEAN NO  There are just some people I cannot say no to.  Star this one because it has, since first published, been my most viewed post of all time.
  • THE ADONIS COMPLEX INDEX  Thinking about getting in shape?  Read here first.

Thanks for reading my daddy's blog. I'm off to save the world now!


One response to “Harvey Celebrates… Harvey!

  1. Janie Lindsley

    If Baby Girl is saving the world, we’re all in good shape!

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