Game 7’s and Life

Maybe next year...

Tonight, after a month of following our new hometown’s team, we watched withsadness as the Texas Rangers lost the World Series to St. Louis.

First, congratulations go to the victor.  You played well.  You won.

But for those of us in North Texas, from the lifelong to the “freshly pressed” among us, Ron Washington and the boys sure made October exciting!  My son and daughter enjoyed going over to Granny and Pa’s house every other night to watch “buh-ball” as Rita calls it, enjoying the dinners and desserts almost as much as the games.

So my kids got their first lesson in heartbreak, in getting hopes up high and then having them deflated like a toy balloon pricked by a sewing needle.

As a Mets fan, I could have just told them what it’s like; but some things have to be learned.


One response to “Game 7’s and Life

  1. It was very upsetting, but as with every trial in life there were lessons to be learned and I am sure they were learned well! 🙂 The Rangers are a great team and they will be victorious in their World Series title next year! They have a great manager and they each are great men. You never saw the ‘Wash’ utter any foul, ‘taking the Lord’s Name in vain’ words when the other team was winning.:) The team was disappointed and heartbroken but their attitudes were great afterwards! I am even more a Rangers fan now than ever and I don’t like sports! 🙂

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