Et Cetera

First of all, I absolutely detest with the fury of a million suns when people say “et cetera, et cetera…” It’s redundant and just plain wrong. The only thing that irks me more is when someone mispronounces it altogether as “excetera”.

Senatus Populusque Romaus

The reason I just vented about that? The Postaday2011 challenge tonight is to “write a rant”. I’m pretty sure without the email open in front of me that the actual topic is to rant about ranting but I’m not that sophisticated. For the record, I’ve been teaching Latin on the side recently (strange, I know) and the expression “et cetera” literally means “and others” where cetera translates as “other things”. The comparative expression where people are involved would be “et alii” where alii is “other people”. What’s that? You want more Latin expressions? OK. In bibliographic notation the term “i. e.” stands for “id est” which means “that is”; and the term “e. g.” stands for “exempli gratia” (i. e., for the sake of example). Also, “ad nauseum” and “amicus curiae” are very frequently mispronounced. In Ecclesiastical Latin (the only one that counts) they are more properly [ahd NOW-ze-um] and [AH-me-cuhss COO-ree-ay].


And now I am through because I could carry this on ad infinitum [in-fin-EE-tum].

N. B. (nota bene): Never take me seriously.

I will CUT you...


4 responses to “Et Cetera

  1. I had a response ready in latin, but I’m feeling self-conscious now.

  2. Only the “fury of a million suns”? That’s not even a decent sized galaxy.

    It’s not Latin, but I can’t stand “alot.” It bugs me alot.

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