Being Open

I used to think that I understood what it meant to be open to God’s Will.

And boy, was I wrong.

Over the past few months two separate things going on in my life have given me pause to wonder what God’s Will for me really is.  There are some things I can say pretty confidently truly are His Will.  For instance, I’m married and have kids.  That’s set in stone and those facts aren’t changing.  And I’m very happy that this has been His Will for me.

And then I’ve begun to wonder…  Am I happy that He Willed these things for me because I also want them for myself or is it the other way around?

So in both of these areas of my life there are some common themes.  I have almost zero control over either of them and they both involve the cooperation of other people in order to see completion.

Starting to become frustrated over these things I started questioning what Our Lord could really be asking of me.  And it dawned on me.  Perhaps He simply wants me to show that I am open to His Will.  But then, I always thought I was.

And that is where the notion that I might simply be “open” to the things I also want began to become apparent.  This has caused me to reconsider what it means to be open to His Will.

In the end, I figure it has something to do with wanting to bring my will into line with His mixed together with a whole lot of a recognition that being open to His Will sometimes means asking Him to help me crush my own.

And in this lies true happiness.

Just a few random musings.  Pardon the train of thought (and all the sentences beginning with conjunctions).

So I Fell Off the Wagon

Well my friends, with the best of intentions in mind I slipped.

And I was doing so well too…

But about two and a half weeks ago, tired from a long day of work and home life, I opted to go to bed instead of posting to my blog.

What I learned (or already knew all too well, is that it’s almost impossible to recover from that.  I wanted to jump back in a few days later and “catch up” but that didn’t happen.  It also doesn’t help that I’m not satisfied with my inability to post media with my blogs.  Small problems, I know…

Nevertheless, I’m going to try to pick up right here.  Consider that it was a Lenten sacrifice (though it totally wasn’t meant that way).

Blogging, like so many other addictions, needs to be tackled one day at a time.

How Many Men Does It Take to Move a Play Set?

Tonight we found out.

If the play set in question is like ours and weighs one and a half metric tons, well, just four of us ought to do.

Earlier today I continued my “spring break” of house work by cleaning out the gutters and clearing some brush.

Tonight, I got out the grill, fired it up, mixed some signature margaritas, and welcomed some friends.  Joining me were my dart-throwing buddy and his wife and toddler son; a friend of theirs; and my wife’s nephew.  The four of us strapping men easily bring about 800 lbs. of solid muscle to the table.  OK, so maybe we bring 800 lbs. of mass to the table.  I like to think of myself as a family strong guy even in the years since my spinal fusion.  Sure the strength in my lower legs never fully recovered after the surgery but one thing I know is that my spine is pretty solid.  In fact, it’s fused.

But perhaps I should have waited to serve the drinks until after we moved the play set…

Needless to say, this thing got moved to its target destination.  Once I can add pictures to these posts again I’ll show you what it looks like.

A Teacher’s Spring Break, Day 3

Yeah, yeah…  What happened to days 1 and 2?  I just didn’t label them as such.  So sue me.

Actually don’t sue me.  You’ll be sorely disappointed in your endeavor.

Last night I made the lovely mistake of asking my precious daughter “Sweetheart, do you want Daddy to drive you to school in the morning or should Granny continue to do it?”

Her reply both melted my heart and made me realize what an asinine question it was.

“You, Daddy!” she said.  “You’re so much fun when you drive us to school!  We get to listen to crazy music.”  She was referring to my morning disco selection.

And like that I had voluntarily given up all hope of sleeping in this week.

But for her (and her big brother) I’d give up sleep forever if they asked.t

Spring What Now?

As a teacher, I live for my breaks.  There are a few of them during the course of a year and in the month preceding each I get a little antsy, counting down the days.  I’m worse than my students!

There’s Thanksgiving break where, in Texas it seems, all schools get the whole week of Turkey Day off.  Then there’s Christmas and another two weeks.  Apart from a handful of three and four-day weekends scattered about, the next big break is, for us, in March…  Spring Break!

This year I decided not to plan anything.

And you know what happens when you don’t plan your break?

Someone else plans it for you.

But it’s all good.  Just yesterday I spent the day pricing tires and then getting them changed.

Actually, it doesn’t matter to me.  It’s a bit of a respite from the every day routine and it allows me time to spend with my kids.  Oh wait, they’re NOT on break this week.  Well, I’ll spend time with my wife!  Oh yeah, she’s working, albeit working from home but that almost seems worse because there’s pressure not to disturb her during the day.

I could hang out with my favorite mother-in-law!  That’s it!  We’ll watch The Ten Commandments together!  That oughtta kill a few hours and we’ve been meaning to do that for some time now.  I’ll just grab my coat and keys and…

What’s that noise?

Great…  rain, and it’s a downpour.  Guess I’ll just watch TV by myself until it clears enough for me to find something else to do.

Gotta’ love Texas weather.

You Mean You’re Not Really Harvey?

True story. 

I’m at s tire shop right now. Apparently new tires are expensive. 

Anyway a worker steps into the waiting area and calls for a customer. 


So Harvey’s not my real name. 

But I turned around all the same. 

Perhaps I’ve become too connected to this nom de plume. 

A Week Without a Picture

This is getting old…

Oh well, if you’re still reading, then perhaps the pictures weren’t the draw.

And to my dart-pal…  You know that drinking by yourself is bad for your health (so sayeth 2 In A Room).  That’s OK though…  I needed an evening to catch up on my blog.