What’s A Blogging Dad To Do?

New bloggers and veterans…

I need your advice. 

You may have seen my predicament yesterday. I’m out of space and can no longer post pictures. 

Should I 

  1. Delete old pictures
  2. Stop using pictures
  3. Pay $99 to upgrade

On the first option I wonder if this will simultaneously remove those pictures from the posts they were in. 

On the second, well, just no. 

On the third, it’s tempting and I would get my own domain but is there a guarantee that the site will be backed up somewhere in perpetuity? I don’t want to start shelling out cash to find that WordPress will shit down one day and I’ve lost everything I ever wrote. 


In the meantime, here’s my workaround. An emoji!

ūüćł I need a drink…

I’ve Run Out of Space!!! A WordPress Nightmare for a Blogger Who Likes Pictures

Well friends, it’s finally happened.

I hit my 3 GB limit on media uploads with WordPress.

Man, I had so many great pics I was going to use to tell you an awesome story tonight.

And like that, WordPress (and my overabundance of media files) snatched them away from me.

So, new bloggers, let me ask a few questions…

  • Are you still having fun?
  • How many of you are using lots of pictures?
  • Are there any things that are holding you back from posting more frequently?

Let me know and I’ll see what help I can offer.

Dealing With Snow in Texas.

The benefit of being stuck indoors during nasty weather is that I get to be stuck with this little lady.


Dallas… Deal With It.

My wife doesn’t trust my school administrative judgment.

Last night after leaving the painting place I made the bold prediction that school would start on Friday as normal but that around 11AM we’d be let out due to the weather. ¬†I had been following the forecasts pretty intensely.

Well, it’s a bet I wish I hadn’t won.

Take a look at this map.

Dallas.  Noon.  Friday. God help me.

Dallas. Noon. Friday.
God help me.

Would you believe it took me 4 hours and 1 minute to drive home?  We got a grand total of 1 and a half inches of snow.  I miss the Northeast.

Drunk Painting II

Not long ago I wrote of my experience at a place where my wife and I (and her sister and mom) went painting. ¬†Actually, we went drink-painting. ¬†OK, so here’s the story…

It seems the new hip thing to do for any kind of date night is to hang out at one of these BYOB painting class locations. ¬†We’re fortunate to have one nearby that accepts Groupons so we went, bottles of wine in hand, and came home with two beautiful canvases of brightly-colored, oil painted… bicycles?

My wife's peacock.

My wife’s peacock.

Yep, bicycles.

Tonight we returned with a few more family members and tried our hands at drunk peacocks.

My wife and I got all cutesy and painted our peacocks facing each other so that when mounted on our family room wall they’d appear to be kissing.

Then I remembered something.

Peacocks are ALL male.

“So, dear, I believe we just painted gay peacocks,” I said.

“Really?” she questioned me. ¬†“There are¬†no female peacocks? ¬†Then tell me , Mr. Smart Guy,” she continued, her eye raised in a “gotcha” moment, “How do they reproduce?”

“By having foul sex with a peahen.”

Get it? ¬†Foul reproduction? ¬†Hehe. ¬†Yeah, I’m 12

Are You A Man of Prayer?

Or a woman or prayer…

If you are, then would you please in your charity offer one up for me today.  I had a potentially life-changing (career-changing?) meeting this afternoon and your help in the cause would be greatly appreciated.

Keep the prayers coming (always).

Keep the prayers coming (always).

Anyway, it’s not as if it isn’t Lent or anything. ¬†On that front, we’ve been praying our family rosary every night. ¬†My fears have been allayed by God in that my beautiful babies have been so diligent in reminding¬†us to gather for this family prayer time. ¬†They love joining in the prayer and in remembering each night’s intentions.

As always, I pray for each and every one of you who reads this blog.  Truthfully it is a miracle that anyone other than me should be interested in the ramblings of an ordinary dad like me.

Keep at it folks.  Prayer is a multi-faceted gem, a powerful weapon in the arsenal of every God-fearing person.

Even More Darts


I can’t even get on the board today!ÔĽŅ